Crystals and Stones as Healers

Being an energy reader I am very aware of the many levels and intensities of energy given off by all things of this world, and so are you if you think about it!  People/things vibrate very low energy while others are of a much higher vibration with every range between.  We can easily feel the vibrations of others and often hear things like, “He really brings me down.” or “I love being around her, she makes me feel happy.”   We have all heard the expression and sometimes felt it ourselves: ‘I feel as light as a feather.’   This is the energy of our thoughts and vibratory level… we affect everyone and everything on this planet in positive or negative ways.  Some, like Christ, held such a high vibration of love that he could levitate and cross the waters.  There is some great work and fabulous photos from the researcher, Masaru Emoto in his book, Hidden Messages In Water, which explores the effects of thoughts and feelings on the molecular structure of water…and remember, we are about 65% water!

By the way, trees, animals and all of the crystals, rocks and stones give off their own particular energy.  The forest energy is extremely calming and healing, guiding a person tranquility and relaxation. Often in that serenity we open to creative ideas and nurturing or self healing thoughts. The stones and crystals are earth healers in themselves and hold certain vibrations.  A darker stone, hematite for example, can help you hold your energy down if you become to ‘spaced out’ because it has an energy of grounding, of holding a slower pattern of vibration…the darker stone, the more grounding it is.  The lighter the stone, the more lightness it can add to your energy field, clear crystals being the lightest.  Some crystals are so powerful that you need to be aware of your thoughts while using them so you do not channel negativity with the power of that high resonance. Also, each color vibrates a different energy level…pink and green of love, blue of communication, gold of empowerment, orange of creation, red of activity, violet of inspiration.

Selenite is my favorite, I love using it in my work and in my life.   I always keep selenite wands and towers in my home and my work area because they constantly clear and lighten, including the aura around us, without asking anything or needing clearing itself.  They let you feel empowered and safe with their vibration of light.

There are many gifts from crystals and stones and I will lead you to a very knowledgeable guy and a great resource to buy stones in our area of Cincinnati.