Healing Session

TrueBlue Healing

What To Expect In A Session With Blu

I start by intuitively reading your energy and the energy around you from others. We work as a team as I show you why you are in pain or emotional turmoil because I see scenes and images from hurtful connections, old family wounds and past painful experiences that are still held in the energy field and in the body. I see darkness around an area or organ where anger, fear, hate, etc. has been held too long and is now creating disease or discomfort. Cells can’t move to restore and heal if they are restricted by fear or negative emotions.

“Angels and spiritual guides can only help if we ask. It is divine free will. We choose to walk alone or with the help of beings of great love and light. They are all around us just waiting to be asked…”

I have learned to transfer loving powerful energy into another body that reacts like a parched person receiving water, it rushes the much needed energy right to the area most in need of healing. I teach visualization and forgiveness which is necessary to clear karma and negative programming. We combine our energies to forgive and release the wounding and karmic debt.

If turmoil or pain from the death or confusion about another is around you, I will bring that energy awareness to you to communicate for your peace of mind and heart.

Finally, I give you tools to continue your healing journey and wrap you in protective light. Love Blu

“I combine a spiritual aspect to my healing which I find important for the well being of my clients.” ~Blu Fries

At the end of the session I channel cleansing and protective Light through and around you gently balancing your whole energy system to promote health and well being. Your magnificence will be revealed to you, you will start self healing and you will manifest more peace and joy in your life.

Grief Recovery

TrueBlue HealingSimply defined, grief is the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss of any kind. While we never compare losses, any list would include death and divorce as obvious painful losses. Our list also includes many others; retirement, moving, pet loss, financial and health issues, etc.

There are 43 losses, which can produce the range of emotions that we call grief. Let me help you work through your losses and find peace again.

In my healing practice, I found many illnesses were a result of unresolved grief TrueBlue Healingstrengthened by guilt or loneliness. I became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist with The Grief Recovery Institute®. to help clients overcome the burden of grief.