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TrueBlue Healing“I know that God, the angels and all of the spirits brought me to you.  Not only are you an angel and a mentor to me… you are one of my true soul mates.  You will never understand what a deep blessing you have been to me, Mark and my son.  You have changed my life in more ways than I can describe and on more levels than the average person experiences in this lifetime.  You have a true gift and I am privileged that my family has experienced it. Love and Light to you on this beautiful day.” ~Angela

“Blue works in a way that is deep and compassionate-moving out old stuck energies, freeing me to write a new script for myself. She has an amazingly refined ability to move through time and space while tracking and clearing blockages, healing that which is out of alignment in the energy body. The result is a strong connectedness to my heart energy and a deep sense of well being.” ~Sara. B.

“Hi Blu, Wanted to send you a note before I fell asleep to let you know that as usual, your work is completely amazing. I haven’t felt so light and happy in,…I really don’t remember.  You are incredible and I am so, so, so blessed to have met you and to have you in my life. Thank you, I was at a rock bottom and somehow I feel amazing again. Thank you again! Love,”  ~Kathy

“I was referred to Blu to see if she could help with the fear and anxiety i was having over a newly confirmed pregnancy. I’d had several recent failed pregnancies and was not allowing myself to believe this one would be any different. I was also experiencing extreme low back pain that was out of proportion to how far along in the pregnancy I was. Blu had a very soothing, calming demeanor that instantly allowed me to relax and explain to her why I was there. She quickly located the root of my back pain  and explained that it was fear I was carrying with me and more importantly she was able to release it. when i left her office i truly never had that type of back pain again. To my amazement, she was also able to connect with the baby and unblock negative energy in his surroundings. She described a bit about his essence and purpose here on earth. she told me she felt the baby was healthy and helped me to make the choice to believe and trust. she also guessed the gender of the baby (correctly!) I am happy to say that a few weeks later we had chromosome testing done to verify the health of the baby and he is a perfectly healthy baby boy!  Blu helped me to enjoy my first trimester much more than i ever could have without her gentle guidance.” ~Stacie O

“Blu, You are just incredible. I am not sure how I could put in words what you have done for me, you are a blessing to say the absolute least and I feel so fortunate to have found you. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out, it is wonderful to have to read again and keep to look back at probably on a daily basis right now.  I am amazed at how quickly I returned to myself still, I feel so much lighter and happier. Today is the first day I have felt a dip in my energy but yesterday was a long day for me so I just need to nurture myself today and relax a bit more.  I am feeling so much stronger and hearing the queen energy has empowered me to stop feeling like a weak fawn, I am really focusing on that. My husband and I keep referring to me as the queen now (haha) and I really think it’s incredible that I am just now realizing that really has always been my true energy but it has been so hidden.  I’m so excited to utilize it in so many positive ways.  Again Blu, I just cannot thank you enough for sharing your incredible gift with me, you are truly amazing. Love,” ~Kathy O.

“luvvv u Blu!!! i feel alotttttaaaa better!!!!! xoxoxoxtank u!!!!!!” ~Allison H.

“Dearest Blu, It is with sincere gratitude and respect that I send you this note. You have touched my heart and my soul with your love, light and kindness. You have untangled the cords of my heart and soul and opened them up to light, peace, and above all forgiveness. I continue to feel your loving energy around me … giving me peace and balance. I light a candle to you, to me, to all beings that they may be happy, that they may feel gratitude, that they may be safe. I very much look forward to seeing you again. With sincere gratitude and deepest respect, Love,” ~Annette G.

“Everything has opened up for me… I feel so alive.” ~Catherine P.